What are the payment options?

We accept payments from different types of payment providers in Nepal like eSewa, ConnectIPS and various other banks.


Where do I get the payment details?

You will get the payment details right after you checkout in our website and you will also receive the payment details (QR Code and Account details) in the email you entered while checking out.

How to pay using QR Code?

Please choose the same app that you used while checking out from our website.

1. Note your order number

Please kindly note your order number and the payment method you used to checkout. You will find this after you entered all your details and checkout. You will also receive payment details in your email.


2. Open your Payment app

Open the app that you are trying to pay from. In our case it is eSewa.


3. Search for QR Code scanner

Search for QR Code option inside your app like we did. In our case it is located right in the center bottom.


4. Scan QR from checkout

After you have QR scanner ready inside your payment app, scan the QR from our checkout page.


5. Enter your total amount

After successful scanning you will be prompted with a screen as shown in the picture. Enter your total amount from checkout page in the amount tab of the app.


6. Add your remarks

Right after entering your amount, enter your order number in the remarks field that you can see in checkout page.


7. Confirm all the details

Finally, you will be asked to review your reciever’s details, check if you entered your order number and amount correctly. Now hit “confirm“.

Receiver Details: Aashish Pandey


8. Enter your Pin

Now you will be asked to enter your pin or biometrics, enter it and hit “Confirm“. Now your due amount will be paid and your order will be confirmed.

If you still have confusions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.